Hi, I'm Mohamed Mahfouz

I'm a full-stack web developer and I love what I do.

Hi, I’m Mohamed. Nice to meet you.

Since beginning my journey as a freelance web developer nearly 4 years ago, I've done remote work for agencies and collaborated with talented people to create digital products for both business and consumer use. I'm well-prepared to assist in the design of software solutions, troubleshoot web application bugs, and use markup languages for coding. Strong knowledge of various technologies, including PHP, Nodejs, SQL, JavaScript, Git, VueJs, React, Bootstrap, Laravel.

Back-end Developer

Passionate about coding things from scratch, I thrive on bringing creative ideas to life in the browser. My expertise lies in building robust and scalable back-end solutions to support dynamic web applications.

Languages I speak:

PHP, Nodejs

Frameworks & tools

  • Laravel, ExpressJs

Additional Skills and Technologies:

  • Database Management: Designing and managing relational databases)
  • RESTful API Development: Creating RESTful APIs to facilitate seamless communication between the front-end and back-end systems.

  • Test-Driven Development (TDD): Advocate for TDD methodologies to ensure the reliability and maintainability of codebases.

  • Caching Strategies: implementing caching mechanisms, optimizing application performance using tools like Redis or Memcached.

  • Agile Development: Practitioner of Agile methodologies, contributing to iterative development, continuous improvement, and effective collaboration within cross-functional teams.

  • Git version control: employing structured workflows and collaborative development practices on GitHub. Skilled in configuring GitHub Actions, utilizing GitHub CLI, and implementing security features, contributing to efficient project management and code security.

Front-end Developer

Passionate about crafting engaging user experiences, I thrive on turning design concepts into interactive and visually appealing web applications. My expertise lies in developing dynamic and responsive front-end solutions to bring creative designs to fruition.

Languages I speak:

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS,

Frameworks & libraries:

  • React, VueJs

Additional Skills and Technologies:

  • Responsive Design: creating responsive and cross-browser compatible user interfaces to ensure optimal user experiences across various devices.
  • UI/UX Design Principles: Applying user interface and user experience design principles to enhance the usability and visual appeal of web applications.

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): Experience in developing Progressive Web Apps for a seamless and performant user experience, leveraging modern web technologies.

  • Browser Developer Tools: Adept at utilizing browser developer tools for debugging, profiling, and optimizing front-end code for better performance.

  • Front-end Build Tools: Familiarity with front-end build tools such as Webpack and Babel for efficient bundling, transpiling, and optimizing of code.

  • Client-Side Routing: Knowledgeable about implementing client-side routing using libraries like React Router or Vue Router to create single-page applications.

Content Creator

I enjoy teaching beginners how to to start coding. I love sharing knowledge with others.

It is more than Youtube videos

Reach Star is a Youtube channel where I could share knowledge.

Things I enjoy teaching:

  • Solving problems for others
  • Editing videos

My Recent Work

Here are a few past web apps I've worked on. Want to see more? Email me.

"Mehany" A project to accredit training centers through a unified and approved evaluation process and field visits by the Ministry of Labor

Visit Website

"Fawateer" The best system for managing inventory, sales and issuing invoices.

Visit Website

"Tafra" A group of the best trainers and consultants in the Middle East with high quality basic standards of education by The Ministry of Social Solidarity

Visit Website

"Nafees" A non-profit electronic platform for recycling used books as an intermediary between the provider and the beneficiary of the book

Visit Website

A web app representation of the "englobeapp" app that has creative solutions for English proficiency exams.

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"Bungee" learning English using interaction between tutors and students has become easy.

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I'm proud to have collaborated with some awesome companies:

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